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by Ryno Mulder


There used to be a television commercial of a wide-eyed little boy who would answer every explanation his parents gave him with “why?”        He was genuinely curious about understanding the way the world works. My mother told me this reminded her of me as a toddler. When someone recently said, “but you don’t need a watch”, I had to ask myself this question:

WHY does anyone in the era of smartphones still need a watch?




Smartphones hardly offer more than a few hours of service before needing to be recharged. In contrast, analogue watches, predating electricity, will not “run out of battery” as quickly – with low or no maintenance for years or even a lifetime of time-telling.




It may be commonplace but no less impolite to dig into your pocket or rummage through a handbag to check the time on your smartphone midway into a conversation. What often ensues is that we get lost down the rabbit hole of the alternate universe our devices offer us… missed calls, emails, messages, social media. And even if we don’t give in to the impulse of Pavlov’s dog and check these, the disconnect is real. When we are in a business or social setting, our cell phones get in the way of a deeper connection. A wristwatch allows you to sleekly and subtly see the time in any environment without being disrespectful to the present company and occasion.




I started my career in fashion as a stylist on photo shoots. At one such photo session, I met a wealthy young socialite who had a slew of suitors. I asked her what the deciding factor in which bachelor she would go on a date with was. And, to my surprise, she said, “his watch.” (Again) I asked, “why?” And she responded with, “a watch tells me who he is or who he wants to be.” As a fashionista, I had to agree that dress codes allow us to say something about ourselves without uttering a word. A watch is a perfect accessory to do that with.





You may not be wearing a timepiece that is an icon of horology made by one of the world’s most famous Swiss watchmaking brands. But your wristwatch represents the culmination of centuries of human innovation and craftsmanship. Your timepiece hides masterful mechanical clockwork behind artful design. A watch is also one of the most personal and precious items you can inherit from or leave as an heirloom to a loved one to remember them by or to be remembered by yourself.





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