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A defining moment

Rvlri watches are a reason to celebrate. Every day. These timepieces embody fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and superb quality built on a legacy of watchmaking expertise.

Your Rvlri watch doesn’t just tell time. It speaks. Of memories and moments.
Of a time worth living in a life worth celebrating.

It’s about celebrating what is important to you. Weddings, anniversaries, a new baby, milestones, Mother’s day or the unconventional little things… like your dog’s birthday or being single and free! Mark your occasion.

Give a gift. Take time to celebrate with Rvlri.

What’s in a name
Revelry is synonymous with celebration. Derived from the French word “reveler”, the dictionary describes revelry as lively festivities. The brand name is stylized phonetically as RVLRI.

A reason to celebrate
Rvlri offers accessible luxury curated through a lens of quality and attention to detail. A marque as unique and interesting as you are.

Modernising a legacy
Timekeeping is shared by many devices. Rvlri is about taking the essence of heritage watchmaking tradition and evolving it to be in synergy with the spirit of the moment.