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by Ryno Mulder


Choosing which watch suits you is a skill but knowing how to combine that watch with other jewellery is a stylistic balancing act. Here are some smart tips.




Before accessorizing, you should decide on which arm to wear your watch. The question as to whether it should go on your left or right wrist is actually entirely personal. We see more watches worn on the left hand because it’s easier to make an adjustment to your watch if you’re right-handed. Wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand allows you to continue doing what you’re doing and still tell the time without looking clumsy. Imagine that awkward neck arch if you were to hold a pumpkin spice latte with your watch-wearing hand while trying to see if you’re running late… That’s not a look.




Wearing a watch with bracelets or bangles is trés chic. Usually, the bangles should be slimmer than the watch band and stacked together above the watch. Having the watch closest to your hand allows for easier legibility of the watch face. This is especially true if you are wearing a long-sleeve shirt, blouse or jacket. Bracelets drape across your wrist more delicately so they can be worn close to your hand without pushing your watch up to your wrist. The thickness and design of the bracelet depending, of course. Subtlety and nuance are key. Your watch should be the focal point on your wrist, and the bracelets or bangles a supporting act.




Your watch and other accessories should have a theme in common – ideally the same colour metal, a specific design element or a shared textural quality such as similarly coloured rhinestones. Mixing up clashing textures, colours and themes are best left to the most bohemian and stylistically suave amongst us. Or else you might easily veer into the territory of looking like a cat burglar. One of the easiest ways of ensuring your watch and other accessories make a simple yet striking style statement is investing in a watch gift set like this one. It epitomizes refined elegance.




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